BCM Update for Outlook 2010/2013 - Nov 2014

Thanks for the heads up, but I am confused!

The update is dated the 7th November 2014.

I installed BCM several weeks ago and already have version 4.00.12006.00 that your link takes you to!

I have the problem with labels.

Has anyone installed from this link and if so does it solve the problem?

Best regards

Ah, the truth is out!

They have given the wrong version number on your link.

I downloaded and it is 4.00.12929.0

Installed and it does indeed fix the drop down menu items! Hooray!


I also have the Version 4.00.12006.00 and I downloaded the file from that link.
But it only wants to "repair" my BCM and it cannot. :-(
What do I have to do?
No, I didn't. I will try it.
If I deinstal will the conections to the Server/client remain?
Or do I have to reconfigure? I have 2 PC.
Everything should remain - you'll just be removing and replacing the software. DO NOT uninstall SQL.
ok I installed the update now I have 12929
But I have still this bug:
I Change the 3 telefon-numbers f.e. to phone, fax and mobile instead of private, Pager and telex and then I save it
If I reopen the contact there are still the old private, Pager, telex numbers and not the phone, fax and mobile???
Have you rebooted? Are all office updates installed? Others have reported the update didn't fix the problem until they rebooted. A few said the problem continued and I don't recall anyone figuring out why the update didn't seem to fix the problem. Sorry.
Hello Mrs Diane
I downloaded from your link. From MS Site in german
Now I have 20 Virus on my system. It started the BCM Seup. I had to confirm the MS contracts and the it wanted to install FLVM Player!!
Do you know any other website to download?
This file? http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=36513 That is the one true and official file.

Oh, i bet it's the bug where it tries to install a previously installed program. Does it stop and ask for input after the initial license screen? If so, find the install files in the temp folder then run setup.exe from that folder. Type %temp% in the address bat of windows explorer to open the folder where the extracted files are - here they are at C:\Users\Diane\AppData\Local\Temp\BcmSetup.en-US

(If exiting the first setup that tries to install the wrong stuff deletes the temp files, you'll need to copy them to another location before closing the dialog.)
Or do this -

The problem is when you run BCM2010-BCMSetup-*.exe it tries to extract a file called "setup.exe" into the location where it started from. If that location is your "Downloads" folder AND another file already exists called "setup.exe", it'll run that one instead of overwriting or renaming.

if there is a file called setup.exe in the same folder where the bcm- exe is, delete or rename it.
if there is a file called setup.exe in the same folder where the bcm- exe is, delete or rename it.

you are soo right! THANK YOU. There was another file "setup.exe" in the same folder! I canceled it and now it has (re)installed BCM. :)
But I still hae the problem that BCM on Windows 10 crashes. :-(
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