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Send receive with ATT returns this error: 0x800CCC92 . My password is correct.

Discussion in 'Using Outlook' started by Stumped100, Jun 20, 2010.

  1. Stumped100


    Connected to ATT through Outlook 2007. I keep getting a network sign on popup asking for my userid and password. This happens occasionally when send/receive is running. The error message says that the password is not recognized. I've recreated the ATT account and it checks perfectly. Calling ATT they tell me it is a Microsoft problem (!?)

    The error message is 0x800CCC92
  2. Sachin  Shetty

    Sachin Shetty

  3. catholicfocus


    Re: Send receive with ATT returns this error: 0x800CCC92 . My password is corr

    After months of experimentation and frustration, I have found a solution to fix Microsoft Outlook 2010 "server rejects login" . This really works but it will take you a bit of time and careful planning to repair.

    Only try this solution if you experience the condition where your email server (which often comes from the cable company) periodically complains that your email/password was rejected at login.

    Then when you simply try to send/receive email again, it works just fine.

    This solution will assume that Microsoft Outlook will periodically login in OK, and then at other times ask you for your password.

    You check the "remember login" box and hit OK and then outlook correctly logs into the server and life works great for a time.


    Outlook.pst got corrupted. And what is needed is to build a new "outlook.pst" from scratch.

    This is not impossible to do, but it does take time to do. (Took me over an hour to do on my computer.)

    First, I exported all the various sub-folders that contained old emails. Use the file tab, Advanced, Export Windows Tab for each sub-folder you have in your email file system.

    Suppose your file system looked like:



    vacation items


    For example saving the folder contents for "vacation items" was placed at c:\vacation_items.CSV

    Do the same for the photos sub-folder.

    YOU do not need to export the inbox because the server will replenish the inbox when we're done with the fix.

    After all the sub-folders have been exported to your C:\ drive, you then need to send yourself an email with all your address contacts. To do this open a new email, address it to your own login and "attach item" "outlook item" and then you'll be able to address the address book list by highlighting the addresses you want to attach to your email to be sent to yourself.

    If you don't understand completely how to use this email feature, there are ample examples on Google and YouTube to help you deal with this step.

    Then I took my address contacts, and attached them into an email that I sent to myself.

    (This action allowed me to rebuild my contact list after I fix the problem.)

    I closed the outlook mail application.

    Then I went to c:\users\admin\documents\outlook\outlook.pst (or where ever your outlook.pst file lives) and changed the name to old_broken_outlook.pst

    Now that the "outlook.pst" file is gone (because it was renamed for backup purposes) when I open Microsoft Outlook, the application complains that no outlook.pst can be found, and it makes a new "CLEAN FILE" from scratch.

    Next, I close Microsoft Outlook and go to the directly where the new outlook.pst file is located and make a copy called new_clean_copy_of_outlook.pst Notice that this is a copy of the brand new outlook.pst

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