1. C

    Outlook 2016 Unable to delete Gmail IMAP calendar

    Hi, I am using Outlook 2016 which has three gmail accounts in use. My main account has a calendar (which I'm ok about as I actually use this), one of the accounts does not have a calendar and the the other has a calendar which I don't want but I cannot delete it. I've tried right clicking...
  2. F

    Delete/create/reset Exchange mailbox on

    Is there any way to delete and create or otherwise reset to start fresh with a clean Exchange mailbox on I tried looking through the and associated MS Account settings and help docs but couldn't find anything obvious. I also couldn't find a way to remove...
  3. JoeG

    Appointment Delete/Change Recurrence

    Hello, I have a client who likes to delete old recurring appointments after the month has passed. Because she handpicks the ones to delete, it would be too large a task (no pun intended) to write a macro to just delete all old appointments from previous months on her Outlook calendar. Her...
  4. H

    Search and delete part of a link inside HTML body message

    I am trying to create a rule to delete part of a link inside an HTML Email message. The body of the message source code is: <html><body><style></style> <p style='margin:0cm' dir=rtl bgcolor='#ffffff'><font face='Arial' size='2'> Order <a href =...