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I am running Microsoft Office 11 on an iMac, OS X, Version 10.8.3. I have a wireless home network with satellite connectivity. My email account has always been a Pop3. When I "send/receive", all of my mail goes into the inbox, not "on my computer", but "username@ips.net". I then have to manually move it to "on my computer". So the first problem is getting rid of the two step operation of receiving mail. Second problem, I set up rules choosing the Pop type of account designation. Listed are: Exchange, Imap, Pop, and Outgoing. Imap is the default selected account type. This type of account apparently places all incoming mail in the "username@isp.net" account. I specifically select Pop, create rules, and expect everything is ok. No. When next I log on and open Outlook, all of my mail is in the inbox (ignoring all rules set out previously). I then go to "edit" rules and Imap is selected as the account type. So, I guess my second question is, how do I tell Outlook at my email is a Pop account and not an Imap account so that it can place the incoming mail traffic according to the rules I have established.

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions you guys may offer.

IMAP accounts use their own data files - if you used POP3, it should deliver to the local folder.

Does it say pop3 or imap at the top of the account:


I'm not sure what you mean by rules - you need to remove the imap account and add it back as a pop3 account.
Thank you for the information. In checking (in "Mail") the account type, it shows "Pop" for my active email account. I have another which is on Gmail, but it is inactive and an Imap account. What I was referring to in the Outlook scenario was that there is listed at the top of the screen two "inboxes". One is "bjw45@centurylink.net pst" and the other is "On my computer". Whenever I run the send/receive script, all the mail is installed in the first referenced mailbox, and does not show up on my system unless I manually move it to "On my computer", then it is listed in my inbox. That's the problem I'm trying to resolve.

Second, with respect to "Rules", I am referring to my creating a folder called "Mail from Sallyl", and then creating a rule that instructs Outlook to place all incoming emails from Sally into the specified folder. I've created over 30 such rules and each and every time I run the send/receive script the emails are still deposited in the "bjw45@centurylink.net" mailbox. Outlook is acting as if my account is an Imap account. For instance, when I go to rules, I always have to highlight "Pop" in order to see the rules I have created. These rules, however, are being ignored when mail is received. I've checked the Account information is there is nothing to indicate that the centurylink.net account is an Imap account.

If the account was imap, it would say imap where my screenshot says pop, so if your account says pop, it should work as you expect. I'm not sure why it does not. Try removing the account and adding it back - or did you do that already?
Dear Diane,

Well, I am left with the feeling that there no answer that you can provide. Perhaps someone else has a suggestion.

Dear Diane,

Thanks for your help. It seems, however, that I will have no choice but to bite the bullet. I'm now in the process of manually copying all of my Outlook contacts to "Mail" and for the meantime, will work with both. I simply deleted the account on Outlook so that I will only have to deal with new messages in Mail. For my next trick, I want to create Rules in the sense that Outlook has it designed. In the meantime, I will take a look at the macoutlook forum you suggested. Again, Thanks for your help. BJW>
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