folder pane

  1. bhamberg

    Shortcuts in Folder Pane (Outlook 2016)

    (thought I saw a reply to this before but could not find :O/) Explorer locked up and had to reboot - Outlook was open. After several tries Windows (10) rebooted, Outlook started but all of my Shortcuts are gone! Any suggestions for getting back?
  2. lcarpay

    Stay in the mail folder pane after ctrl-1

    hi, after pressing ctrl-1 (or clicking on a folder when I'm already in the mail for that matter) I want to stay in the folder pane. Instead Outlook puts the focus on the maillist. Is there an option for staying in the folder pane (or a workaround)? thanks, Leon
  3. O

    Can I single-space the folder list?

    Outlook 2016 shows the folder list double- or triple-spaced, which greatly reduces the amount of info on the screen at once. Can this be changed to single-space?
  4. O

    Folder Pane problems

    1) The shortcuts listing at the top of the folder pane has disappeared--how do I get it back? 2) The folder listing is double-spaced, so it show half as many folders as I'd like. Is this fixable? I'm running Outlook 2016 under Windows 10 Pro x64