Outlook 2013 issue with imap zimbra

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Outlook version
Outlook 2013 32 bit
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Zimbra Server version: Release 8.0.3_GA_5664.RHEL6_64_20130305090204

OS version: CentOS6_64 FOSS edition

We are using Outlook 2013 email client which synchronizes with the above mentioned Zimbra server using IMAP. We are facing the following issues related tosynchronization with server:

1. After synchronization with Zimbra, the count of emails differs between server and outlook e.g. as per server there are 173 unread emails but as per outlook there are 169 unread emails.

2. Although the names of folders on the mail server are in German, after synchronization in outlook the folder names appear in English.

3. Certain folders cannot be deleted within Outlook e.g. 'Junk Email', 'Contact' and 'Note' (even if deleted they reappear)

Based on our research so far, we have found that Outlook 2013 uses the XLIST or LIST-ENHANCED command for IMAP and if the mail server does not support XLIST there could be problems using Outlook 2013 via IMAP:

Configuring special IMAP folders in Outlook 2013 - Slipstick Systems

Also, the following post has a mention that Zimbra does not support XLIST but we are not sure whether it does support XLIST or not:https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=663836

Could all the above issues be related to XLIST support? Is there anything in either Zimbra or Outlook configuration that we are missing? Any help for resolving above mentioned issues will be greatly appreciated.

Thank You.

Hitesh Jethva

Diane Poremsky

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Outlook 2016 32 bit
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Outlook actually uses two methods - XLIST/Enhanced and name matching. You can turn on logging, do a send receive then turn it off. The log will contain the conversation outlook had with the server - I'd be surprised if zimbra doesn't pass along the folder names during the conversation. Does zimbra let you set the special folders or just assign them?

I don't think the Mozilla bug applies, as it's about non-default folders (and outlook would behave the same way with user-created folders). And I don't think these problems have much to do with xlist support.

Issue 1: Are these newly arrived messages or all messages? If the count includes existing messages, most likely one is corrupt. We see it often with AOL, but it can happen with other servers. Fix is usually to move all mail to a new folder in Outlook then login to web access and see what's left behind. In AOL, its usually a message with an attachment that is corrupt.

Issue 2: Are you using English Outlook? Outlook localizes folder names.

Issue 3: Yeah, you can't delete default folders. If you use a pst file as the default, the 'this computer only' folders shouldn't be created. Close Outlook, rename the imap data file (should be at %localappdata%\Microsoft\outlook) then restart outlook. If that fails, you might be able to hide them
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