Outlook 2013 - IMAP & Rules Broken

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Richard Flack

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Further down the rabbit hole of Outlook 2013 & Sync issues ....
Im seeking confirmation that what Ive been told by MS support is accurate and makes sense.
Im just moving to Outlook 2013 from 2007, with IMAP account.
I have a large email collection, organised into various folders by Rules and split into basically 2 pst files, current and archive.

What I have noticed is that messages that were moved from Inbox to specific folders by Rules are being re-downloaded back into the Inbox.

MS has just told be that in 2013 Rules dont work properly with IMAP. After some discussion, the following work plan has evolved. Could someone please confirm it makes sense.

1. Let the syncing finish. At current rate of progress should finish tomorrow latest. There will be duplicates galore.

2. Delete all Rules.

2. Export to pst all messages received since the migration began.

3. Create yet another new profile and empty ost file.

(this is where it gets a bit sketchy as to the detail, and how to avoid the same problems)
4. Import the 3 pst files - archive, old 'current', recent. Dont rely on download from server.

QU: Once that is done will syncing true up the server to match what Ive imported?

Going forward, given that Rules are broken it seems, I need an alternative.
For 'real' messages I probably just have to do it manually.
For Bulk mail, the suggestion is to use the Junk facility, and set up search folders on the Junk to split out the stuff Im interested in, and use archive to weed out old Junk mail.

Does this make sense?

Diane Poremsky

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The messages that were moved shouldn't be back in the inbox, unless the changes were not synced back to the server.

4. Are you going to clear the mail from the server? if not, you'll get duplicates again.
Are the duplicates on the server or just in the data file you are using?
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