Drafts in Outlook 2013/Outlook.com with EAS & IMAP

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Diane. I understand that with an Outlook.com account setup in Outlook 2013 using EAS the Drafts folders will not sync (it shows as “This Computer Only”).

I use Drafts a lot and I was wondering is the following is a workaround.

1) In addition to setting up example@outlook.com as EAS in Outlook 2013, I could also set up example@outlook.com as an IMAP account in Outlook 2013.

2) I assume the EAS and IMAP accounts will “mirror” each other with the exception of the Drafts folder.

3) If I want to start composing a message that I know I will want to save as a Draft, I could select New Email when in the IMAP account, and then save it in the IMAP Drafts folder. From a quick test this appeared to sync with the Outlook.com webmail Drafts folder.

4) When I eventually want to send the Draft email, I send it from the IMAP account and it would also appear as a Sent item in the EAS account.


a) As a general matter, is it OK to run both an EAS and IMAP account for the same example@outlook.com address in Outlook 2013 simultaneously? Will they stay in sync in terms of Inbox, Sent, Deleted Items, Sub Folders?

b) Are there any problems I have not thought of with my plan as outlined above?

c) There seems to be a delay when I send an item from the IMAP account and it appearing in the Outlook.com webmail, and then syncing with the EAS account. Is that because the IMAP account has a default Send/Receive setting of 30 minutes? Is it advisable to change that to a lower figure, or just do a manual Send/Receive when required?

d) Finally an unrelated question. In testing, sometimes emails arrive in my EAS Inbox just after they are sent, whereas other times there might be a 10-15 minute delay (despite the email arriving in the Outlook.com webmail instantly). Clearly I want them to appear immediately. Any explanation/solution to this?

Many thanks. Stephen
a. Yes, it's ok to run both. They *should* stay in sync but the EAS account seems buggy at times so I won't guarantee it. :) Everything should sync up to the server.

b. I can't think of anything you missed.

c. Yes, it would be due to the syncing. You can lower it, but I would not go under 8 - 10 minutes. Too low, and Outlook seems to have problems syncing.

d. I thought it used a 10 min sync schedule. (and no, that can't be changed)
Thanks Diane.

You mentioned the "EAS account seems buggy at times".

By that are you suggesting I would be better off using the IMAP account (using Outlook.com email) on a day-to-day basis in Outlook 2013?

At the moment I have set up the Outlook.com account as an EAS account and am using EAS for syncing that account with my Outlook.com Calendar and Contacts. I have also set up an IMAP mirror of the account in Outlook 2013 for Email.

Thanks. Stephen
I've not had problems but its not my main account. Others have complained, but it could be "user error" or something specific to their account. I 'd keep EAS set as default and not worry about it - you need it to sync calendar and contacts. With both accounts in, you can see if everything is identical on both sides.

Moving or copying appointments and contacts to the EAS folders seems to be where many of the complaints come in.

The Drafts messages I imported to the IMAP profile are all Read Only for some reason.

I saw a post from you about editing attachments which suggested adding “Edit Message” to the Quick Access Toolbar. This seems to enable me to now edit the body of the message. However, it does not allow me to Add/Edit the Recipient “To” information.


1. Is the Edit Message via the Quick Access Toolbar the best way for me to edit the Read Only Drafts?

2. What do I need to do to enable me to Add/Edit Recipient information to these Read Only Draft Messages?

Btw, the EAS delayed delivery with Outlook.com emails in Outlook 2013 persists and is a real pain – some emails appear instantly and some are 15+ minute delayed (at random). Microsoft Answers has others with a similar issue so maybe there is some problem with EAS email and Outlook 2013.

Many thanks. Stephen
Are drafts created in the imap account working ok? I'm not surprised importing them isn't working as you always can't forward them or save them in a different drafts folder.

What happens if you click Forward? That would be the best way to edit them and not lose too much information (copy the to/cc fields).
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