Lync presence not synching with Exchange (2013)

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Mr Mayor

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Outlook 2013 32 bit
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Hello again,
In need of additional assistance today and hoping someone can help.

Exchange 2013 Version 15.0 (Build 1130.7)
Lync 2013 client version 15.0.4763.1001

Lync and Outlook are no longer showing the proper presence in certain situations. Specifically Out Of Office (OOO)

Our tests so far:
OOO event created via the Calendar (Cal) function, the Lync presence will reflect properly, however, once the OOO is removed, (deleted from Cal), Lync does not update to reflect the change; The only solution so far is to restart LYNC and OUTLOOK, with OUTLOOK first.

Refreshing status has no bearing, closing and reopening LYNC will remove the "*" from that persons status, but in the "What's Happening" field, it'll still display "Out Of Office".

Note: No reboots of servers yet....

No one has seen this? :(
Bueller? Bueller?
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