Contacts in a public folder synching with a user's contacts

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We want to create a public folder that will house the contacts for a

marketing list. We want the firm to participate by having each person move

contacts to the public folder.

Are sticking points are: What if two people have the same contact how do we

reconcile that?

When we do have just one unique contact for each person in the public

folder, is there a way to synch it back to the original owner's contact so

they stay current? We don't want them to have to update twice.


I think it's better to create a list of all the contacts in excel. Each

employee gets an excelsheet (person name - adresses as example for excel

file name) that you prepared so they just need to push a button to let

excel collect all the adresses of their default adressbook (probably

they get a security warning that excel wants to use info from outlook).

They send you the file and you merge all those files (put them in one

directory ex. charlize - adresses.xls). Then check on full contacts

name, name and surname and streetname and streetnumber after all excel

files are merged (you did use sorting to ease viewing - for a look at a

glance to see that you need to refine stuff).

Just and idea off course.

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