Create individualized employee email messages

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We have a vendor who manages the web-based presentation of some required

compliance training. To improve the process, we would like to send out an

individualized URL to every employee (probably using their Employee ID in the

URL) instead of the current process, which requires each employee to click a

generic URL and log in.

Other than the obvious (a VBA loop through an array of email addresses and

Employee IDs, probably loaded from an Excel file) are there any other tips,

tricks, or gotchas associated with this type of bulk internal email

generation? All emails will only be to our internal employees, but we do have

several domains and two different exchange servers. I anticipate that we

would generate 100% of these emails from one location (one computer, which is

on Exchange Server 1), just for convenience.


Group 1/ Exchange Server 1:



Group 2/ Exchange Server 2:

I'd be more likely to do this from Outlook2007, but could use Outlook2003 if

there was a good reason to do so (if any relevant features have been


I'm be inclined to do this in Outlook (despite my greater familiarity with

Excel VBA) to avoid getting a warning with each email, or having to set it up

with CDO.

I appreciate any thoughts you have; I am interested in feedback on overall

approach or potential problems, I don't think the code itself will be that

much of a problem, but I want to make sure I figure out the best solution

before I start coding for it. If I have code problems I can alway post those


Many thanks,

Something to tinker with ... First you need to create a

distributionlist of email-adresses. In this example the name is

'LijstMailing'. Then we create an email for each person on the list.

When using an external excelfile for holding the relevant id for the

person that gets an email, you could be able to create an individual

body for the email. Or export the list from excel to a delimited

textfile. Then we loop through each line of the txt file and put those

in an array. Later use the array to find the correct email address and

corresponding id.

VBA Code:

Sub Send_Mailing()

Dim DList As DistListItem, i As Long

Dim MyMessage As Outlook.MailItem

'Since outlook doesn't have the getopenfilename

'we use the excelobject

Dim oExcel As Object

Dim vFile

Set oExcel = CreateObject("Excel.Application")

'LijstMailing is the name of your distributionlist with all

'the contacts that you want to receive a mail

Set DList = Application.Session.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderContacts). _


vFile = oExcel.GetOpenFilename(MultiSelect:=False)

For i = 1 To DList.MemberCount

Set MyMessage = Application.CreateItem(olMailItem)

With MyMessage

> To = DList.GetMember(i).Address

> Subject = "Personal URL Mailing"

> Body = "Here some info regarding your training."

If vFile <> False Then

'Here the code for adding the unique url

> Body = .Body & vbNewLine & "Personal url : ..."

'or change coding to use a delimited textfile with two dimensional array

'instead of just adding an attachment. This part will only be processed

'when you have chosen a file with the e-mails and id's of the participants

> Attachments.Add vFile

End If

> Display

'If you don't want to display the message use .Send instead

'of .Display


End With

Next i

'Clear the object

Set oExcel = Nothing

End Sub

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