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When I reply to a message in my Inbox in Outlook 2013 in Windows 7 64 Bit, the reply goes to my Sent Box, but also gets placed in my Inbox. It must be happening in Outlook even before the message goes to my mail server, because the posting is instantaneous. This needlessly clogs up my Inbox, and makes reading messages very difficult. This does not happen when I create and send a new message.

I posted this to Microsoft's Outlook Forum, but got no responses as to how I might solve this problem. I searched for an option that might cause this, but found none. Any help greatly appreciated.
Is this a gmail account? The behavior sounds like it is. When you use gmail smtp, it saves a copy of the message. Because gmail uses labels, not folders, the message is dropped in the inbox and downloaded. It is happening awfully fast though.

Are you using the setting to save sent items with the original? It nots supposed to do this if the message is in the inbox, but something is causing outlook to think its not the Inbox. Are you using Outlook's default inbox or are you saving the incoming mail to a folder you created?
Hi Abradaxis,

Go with Daine’s suggestion and disable or uncheck the “In folders than the Inbox” from the Advanced E-mail Options” in Microsoft Outlook 2013.

Hope it will work!!!!

Clark Kent
Thanks to both of Clark Kent and Diane. I posted my problems in the Microsoft and this Forum, since I got no replies originally, and I am dealing with this problem for three months now. I answered Clark in the Microsoft Forum, so again, sorry if I offended anyone for double posting. For Diane, until Clark gets back to me with an answer to my reply, this is not a Gmail account, but using Outlook for mail through a POP3 account at XO Communications. I am using Outlooks Inbox to pick up my messages and respond to them. I do not think my problem has anything to do with my mail server, since I get my reply posted to my Inbox the second I "send." There is not enough time for my message to even be read by the mail server; I am sure it is a setting or error somewhere in Outlook. I have been looking for an option in Outlook that might cause this, but have not found one, even with Clark Kent's help. I hope this give you the information I need to solve this problem.
Are you CCing yourself? It's still seems too fast to be a CC - they have to go out to the mail server and come back.

The save sent setting is halfway down the page in the Mail options. It normally doesn't work if the mail is going to the inbox.

I found the required option. It was never checked in the first place. I am not CCing myself, and the copy to my inbox does not go out to the server, but gets posted to my Inbox immediately after I hit "Send." Even after I try to place a checkbox in the suspect option, it still places a copy of my response to the Inbox, so I unchecked it and tried again, with the same result.

I hate situations like this where a result seems to defy even the understanding of specialists.
Well, it shouldn't be happening. It's not normal Outlook behavior and if others reported the problem and solution in the past, I've forgotten.

Does it happen in Safe mode? What addins are installed?

To open Outlook in Safe mode: Close Outlook then hold Ctrl as you click on the Outlook icon. You'll get a message asking if you want to start in Safe mode. Click Ok.
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