Outlook 2010 flagging replies - several questions


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Hi guys,

Have a few questions here:

1. In inbox mode, hitting "Insert" would flag a message. In "Reply" mode, is there any hotkey that would help to flag the message too? Note that I do not want to use Quicksteps or Quick Access Toolbar to do so. Hitting Ctrl+Shift+G gives me a dialog box, which I don’t need.

2. Do flags to other recipients work outside of Outlook too? I am looking for a tool which can help remind the recipient to reply, regardless of which email client they are using (be it web-based Gmail or Outlook)

3. Can the keyboard shortcut in QuickSteps be customized? (instead of just Ctrl+Shift 1,2,3)

Thanks in advance for your help!

Diane Poremsky

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Hmm. Not sure how I hit post when i got called away... i guess when i woke the computer up I did it. :)

3. No, they can't be customized. The state of customizing the ribbon, especially for keyboard shortcuts is bad - unlike older versions where you actually had some control over it.