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Hello All,

I am after a solutions for a small issue that it seems should be quite simple to achieve, but as yet I cannot find the settings.

I work alongside a small group of people and we all receive one single email address as well as our own.

It seems to happing quite often that we will all respond to an email, so the customer recieves 3 different emails, this not only looks unprofessional but the customer may receive 3 different answers to their query.

What I would like to be able to do is flag an email so that my colleagues are able to see that I have responded, and i can see if they have.

If there is a plugin, or a setting or a system for this type of arrangement I would be very interested in hearing about it.

Thanks In advance!
Are the messages in a shared folder on the Exchange server or forwarded to your personal email?

In a shared mailbox, you could use categories to mark messages - if they are forwarded to your personal address, the others would need to BCC the shared address and you'd have to hope that you didn't all choose to respond at once. Maybe a 'I've got it' reply to the shared address would suffice as soon as you decide to reply.
The messages come through to the info@... email address, and is sent to all members of the company. I am desperately trying to avoid the 'I got this' email as it seems very bulky and problematic approach.

No one person maintains this email so it would be hard to use categories, however it would serve the purpose perfectly, if only changes were global!

Im sure there is a way of dealing with this, we are only a small company and I can imagine that scaling this situation up to a large company size would have massive implications.

Ill keep looking I guess.

Rather than forwarding it to all members, it should be delivered to its own mailbox - then you can open the mailbox in your outlook profile - set a category on the messages you reply to so other know it's taken. It's the easiest and least convoluted method.
Thank you Diane, i reached much the same conclusion, however it would seem the way our system is set up is that our info@.. email address is just a group and does not have its own mail box. Ill have a word with our sys admin and see what we can do.

Thank you for your help.
It's fairly simple to replace - he can remove the DL and create the mailbox and give it that address or he can make the mailbox the only member of the DL. (My preference is to remove the DL, add the mailbox.) Give proper permissions to the people who need it then you just need to open it in your profile.
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