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I want to update the "VbaProject.OTM" of a few coworkers, everytime I've found some new trick here on Slipstick I want to add it to our VBA bag of tricks :) (progress bars when exporting messages or when saving attachments, this little things make our life at work a lot easier)

I know the file is on "C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Outlook\VbaProject.OTM" but I can't find how to update it that besides going to each computer, closing Outlook 2016 and manually copy the latest version from a shared network drive to the actual users Roaming folder.

Is there a way to make Outlook VBA "look" on this shared folder at startup and get always the file found there? I find this a hard task to do since it implies to replace the file that locked because is in use by Outlook as soon as it starts.

I though on a batch that first copy the OTM file to the right location and then starts Outlook but perhaps it exists a more elegant and on-demand way since this requires the user to restart Outlook when a change is made. I can live with that because we work phisically in the same room so its a matter of "Restart outlook, please".

I also though of importing the updated VBA Modules but is not as easy task (it is using VBA in Microsoft Access wich I many years of experience, but I've found Outlook totally different)

Any ideas? We all use Outlook 2016 32bit on Windows 10 PRO 64 bit and we have access to a common network share that acts as a repository for the latest OTM file.
Also I don't have admin privileges so I can't get into every users Roaming folder and replace the file, this also means I can't install an Addin.

Quite a challenge, isn't? :)
A batch file to replace the file is the easiest - my memory says they will need to open the editor once when the default file is replaced. Test it to see.

It is possible to open a different OTM using a switch - i think this is still possible in newest version. But I don't think it will work with a network path. To the best of my recollection, this does not require opening the VBEditor to enable the macros.
/altvba otmfilename
You also need to set a registry key to use the switch with Outlook 2013 and later.

Test both methods on one computer and see which works best - it may be that using a batch to copy to a local path on each computer will be the most efficient, once you set up their shortcut to use the switch.
Hmm. After re-reading this, it sounds like the registry key may be a hindrance to the switch. :(
Thanks for you help, I wasn't aware of the OTM switch :)

I'm thinking about creating a scheduled task that runs at logon and always copy the latest OTM to the right place to be sure no Outlook is running at that time. If I make an urgent change its a matter of ask for log again. Its not the best solution but it will keep all users updated at least once a day.

Many thanks again for your help, Diana! I'll keep improving the OTM based on tricks and tips found right here :)

I saw that you published an Outlook book a few years ago, is there something that covers VBA published by you or any eBook you can recommend?
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