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Hey all. I have Office 365 on a PC and Outlook recently asked me to upgrade to 2016, which I did. Ever since then, searching a contact in the contact bar takes a long time, where before it used to be instantaneous. I had an SSD installed in my laptop precisely to avoid this.

I also often create contact files originating from an email address I've entered in an email To field. Before this upgrade, I would create the contact card, then a View Source link would automatically appear in the contact card, which when clicked would take me to the actual contact file which I could then edit more. Now, this View Source link no longer appears and I have to search the whole database for the new contact file, which, as I established above, is almost impossible now too.

Can anyone help?
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update: been getting this all day. That seems to suggest my Outlook's acting slow simply because the server's slow, but I spent 2015 in Africa where speeds are horrific and it never affected Outlook's native operations. Also, just lots of other weird stuff, like clicking on Outlook links does nothing sometimes, clicking the red DELETE button on emails doesn't react for 20 seconds, etc.
Sorry for the late reply. Windows 7. I didn't upgrade my OS, just my Outlook.
On the phone with Godaddy. They're having me create a new Outlook profile to see if that fixes things.
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update: new Outlook profile did NOT do it. A couple days later and things are back to the normal lag.
Could there be some simple indexing setting that was somehow reset during the upgrade?

Restarting Outlook seems to fix it temporarily.
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I thought I posted this url before - - that has a key you can set to keep it indexing even if the computer is busy. But you should only need that for the first pass (or if you import a bunch of stuff) or if you rebuild the index. Once it's created it should be able to keep it updated.

As of last week, support doesn't have any complaints that aren't fixed by the kb article fix. I don't know if there is a new problem that isn't on their radar or if you just need to set the reg key.
Sorry for late reply here. Been juggling this problem with life, which paradoxically has gotten much slower in general because of... this exact problem.

Rebuilt the search index, same problem. Tried this 2903552 you linked me to, but the registry value in question was already set to 0. Stopped and started Windows Search in Services regardless. Didn't help. Same as usual: search works a couple times, then stops returning results. The only way to get it to (temporarily) work again is to restart Outlook.

One thing I've noticed since I installed Outlook 2016 and this problem began happening is that when using the Outlook search bar to search emails or contacts etc., makes lots of references to 'the server' which it never did before. "More items available on server", etc. This implies to me that it hasn't downloaded or indexed everything to my machine. Cached Exchange Mode is definitely on. Are there any other settings that affect search and index?

Also, I see two .ost and two .nst files in my Outlook data. Is that normal?


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Doing more research on these weird .nst files which I've never heard of before, and nobody else seems to have heard of before, and are very large. Could these be confusing my system? I don't use Lotus notes or any of that stuff, but I do have Outlook 365 via Godaddy. Interesting thread regarding this at Outlook started generating lots of .nst files
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