Recurrence for N times, and one gets cancelled

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Seems strange that no one at Microsoft didn't think of this (unless it's a common calendar services "bug"/feature everywhere)... If you create an appointment with recurrence (using an option to "end after N occurrences"), and you delete one occurrence somewhere in the middle later on (because it was cancelled, falls on holiday, etc.), the system won't add an additional occurrence at the end -- only that one occurrence gets deleted and you end up with N-1 occurrences altogether.

Any way to change this behavior? Or do we just need to keep in mind to add an additional occurrence manually at the end, whenever we delete one in the middle?
I think its "by design" because you are not really setting N occurrences, you are letting outlook calculate the end date based on the recurrence pattern and number of occurrences.

Rather than delete the occurrence, move it to the desired replacement date - you can open it and change the date or drag it.
I tried that, but it says "Cannot reschedule an occurrence of the recurring appointment "xyz" if it skips over a later occurrence of the same appointment". :D
oh, yeah, i forgot about that. You need to keep them in order in the series. I think 2010 still allows you to copy it and then you can change the date, but the copy is not a recurring apt - just a single one with the same basic details. At least that is how it works in older versions - in either 2010 or 2013, they changed the behavior when copying recurring events and it copies the series, not one event.
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