Creating yearly recurrence appointment

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i am creating recurring appointments from my code..

i am following help file from vba editor

every thing working perfectly

except when i select my recuuring pattern

Yearly January 3rd for 10 occurances and start date is today(ie: 10/15/2009)

i am giving like bellow

recurrencePattern.RecurrenceType = Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook.


recurrencePattern.DayOfMonth = 3;

recurrencePattern.MonthOfYear = 1;

means it sholud start from janudary 3rd 2010

but it is not certaing on january..

it is creating on october 3rd

please help me
and i want to create daily Evry weekday, how can v set every week day , if v


Interval then it sets daily

how can we set "DayOfWeekMask"

when i set like this

recurrencePattern.DayOfWeekMask = Microsoft.

Office.Interop.Outlook.OlDaysOfWeek.olMonday | Microsoft.Office.Interop.

Outlook.OlDaysOfWeek.olTuesday | Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook.

OlDaysOfWeek.olWednesday | Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook.OlDaysOfWeek.

olThursday | Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook.OlDaysOfWeek.olFriday;

it is giving error

please help me
If you look at the VBA Help on the MonthOfYear property you will see that

setting it to 1 wouldn't mean the recurrence starts in January, it means

that it should only recur every January. However, that can be changed or

overridden by other settings you make and the order in which they are set.

If I wanted a yearly recurrence starting on January 3, 2010 I'd set the

StartTime to January 3 at a specific time and set a yearly recurrence.

So, in pseudocode:

set recurrence type to yearly

set recurrence start to January 3, 2010

set occurrences to 10

Because you often find that the actual pattern generated from settings in

the UI dialog don't match I've found the best way to handle things if I have

questions is to create an actual dummy recurring appointment with the

pattern I want in the UI dialog, then I analyze the resulting

RecurrencePattern on the recurring series to see how Outlook interpreted the

pattern I wanted.
Are you setting the recurrence type to recurs weekly first? Then you OR the

days you want into the mask you set. To make things easier to debug I derive

the OR'd value first and then set that result for the DayOfWeekMask


Thanks for your support

i am setting the recurrence type to recurs daily and i am setting

recurrencePattern.DayOfWeekMask = (Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook.


then it is giving bellow error

"The property for the recurrence type is not valid. Verify your code."

if i set weekly and dayofmask it is working properly but when i recurrence

pattern there weekly type and week days checkbox is selecting but i want to

select daily and weekday options

You have to use code that works, not what you'd like to use. If those are

the settings you want you have to use the weekly type with the day of the

week mask set. Otherwise it won't work.
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