Outlook rule only active certain times of day

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Any way to create an Outlook Rule that is only active between certain hours of the day?

I would like to create an auto delete rule for messages with subject containing certain words. However, i only want it to be active between the hours of 10pm-4am.

Is there any way to accomplish this??
I got it tested... works fine. I switched it to use the task subject, not a category.
Im a little confused with getting it to run through a task. Once i get the VBS working i can just schedule the script via Kaseya.

I'm still getting an error when executing the VBS. You have 2 vbs posted so not sure which i should use but both giving an error.

Line: 1

Char: 45

Error: Expected ')'

Code: 800A03EE
Does line 1 end with a ) ?

Private Sub Application_Reminder(ByVal Item As Object) <==

If you have a method to trigger the macro (or want to use a button and kick it off yourself) you just need the two subs that turn it off and on, you don't need the application_reminder one.

Sub Enable_Run_Rule() & Sub Disable_Run_Rule ()
Is is possible to run this as a stand alone VBS (i got an error)? not through an outlook session
if you reference the outlook object model in the vbs, it might work (some, but not all, commands work in vbs). You need to open outlook from the script (or check and see if it's open) then run the commands.
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