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Gary Brown

Outlook version
Outlook 2013 32 bit
Email Account
I have a macro that worked on my old PC but doesn't work on my new PC.
Its an Outlook 2013 32bit VBA module that runs an excising rule in the current folder.
The only difference is my new PC is 64bit both running Windows 7 ultimate.
For clarity my old PC was 32bit.
When initiated I get:
Run-time error '-2147221233 (80040 10f)':
When I run debug I get:
The code gets stuck on line: Next (marked below in red)

The code is as follows:

Sub RunAllInboxRules()
Dim st As Outlook.Store
Dim myRules As Outlook.Rules
Dim rl As Outlook.Rule
Dim runrule As String
Dim rulename As String
rulename = "Spam"
Set st = Application.Session.DefaultStore
Set myRules = st.GetRules
Set cf = Application.ActiveExplorer.CurrentFolder
For Each rl In myRules
If rl.RuleType = olRuleReceive Then
If rl.Name = rulename Then
rl.Execute ShowProgress:=True, Folder:=cf
runrule = rl.Name
End If
End If
ruleList = "Rule was executed correctly:" & vbCrLf & runrule
MsgBox ruleList, vbInformation, "Macro: Spam_Rule_Finished"
Set rl = Nothing
Set st = Nothing
Set myRules = Nothing
End Sub

Any advise and I would be extremely grateful...

Gary (Manchester UK)
It works here. Does the rule exist with the name using proper case? (It doesn't error for me if the rules doesn't exist, so that may not be a factor.) Erroring on Next usually means the problem is with the For but I can't repro it.

does the error message include any other text?
Hi Diane,

Thank you so much for taking the time...
Yes the rule named Spam exists.
The only other message I get is in 'Microsoft Visual Basic':
Run-time error '92':
For loop not initialized
Then I hit debug and it highlights the line/word Next
How annoying these needle's in hey stacks are...

proof attached ;)
in chronicle order 1, 2, 3 & 4...


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The error 'For loop not initialized.' Means you jumped into the middle of a For...Next loop. It doesn't look like that is happening though. Second cause would be an object in the loop isn't available - which points to a problem with the call to a folder - that looks good. Maybe the problem is with one of the rules it runs?
Two things I see, 1) the variable cf is not declared, 2) you can leave the loop after the "spam" rule was run.

I don't think the first issue has anything to do with the error, however, it's a basic cause for any unexpected errors. In order to avoid that write
Option explicit
to the very first line of the module. You can have the IDE do that automatically for new modules by checking Tools/Options -> Declaration for variables necessary (or similar).

Maybe the second issue helps avoiding the error. As you want to run only one rule, use a loop like this:
for each ...
  if rule.name="spam" then
     exit for
Hi Michael,

Again firstly thanks for your time... but as I'm only guessing at just what you mean I really haven't a clue where to copy and paste as what I've tried/guessed just gives even more errors.
All I want is for the script to run one of my existing rules in the current folder...

ps. The rule runs perfectly when manually ran in Rules and Alerts/Run Rules Now...
As to the for each loop, all you need to apply to your existing code is the Exit For command.
I put the Exit For command after the Next and it finished without errors but it didn't run my rule.
That makes no sense. Putting it after the Next you should get a compiler error.
your correct, sorry I put it before the Next ie
Exit For
As you'll of deduced I really haven't any idea of the logic... I do apologise. As said it then executes with no errors and displays my finishing message but doesn't actually run my 'Spam' rule...
If you want to write code, you need to think about its logic. The meaning of 'If... Then...' is pretty simple.

If you look at my basic sample, you'll see that it exits the loop only if the If statement is met. If you'd put the Exit For outside any If statement, then it'd leave the loop after the first cycle without any condition.
nothing wrong with the VBA script it was an error in the rule it was attempting to run...
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