"Replied" messages not in "sent" box, but are appearing in my "inbox" from me

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If I get an email from "Jane Doe" and hit "reply" and then "send", the message appears in my "outbox" for a few seconds while it's being sent and then I get a message in my "inbox" with myself listed in the "from" field. The email I sent does not appear in the "Sent" folder.

Also, on a somewhat unrelated, but equally frustrating note, I don't have a "deleted" folder. All emails that I now delete appear to be permanently deleted and I don't see a setting where I can create the folder or point "deleted" emails to it

Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated


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Re: "Replied" messages not in "sent" box, but are appearing in my "inbox" from

Is this a gmail account? Gmail is weird in their implementation of IMAP. They don't have separate folders - what gmail calls folder are more like tags - and everything goes into one mailbox. Outlook doesn't undersatand the tags and dumps everything in the inbox. You can create a rlue to move them to a folder in the imap account, if you want.

Deleted items should be in the mailbox, until you purge - but the view hides items marked for deletion so you won't seem them. Look on the view menu for a view that will show all messages.
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