user defined fields

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    How to create a drop down user defined field that will appear on an inbox view

    Hi - on an inbox view, one can add existing fields such as "FROM" or add other existing fields such as "SENSITIVITY" that has as 4 drop down options: "Normal" "Personal" Private " and "Confidential" I want to create a user defined field that acts like the field "SENSITIVITY" - for example, I...
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    User defined field for messages with 'me' in the [To], [Cc] line

    Hello, i am trying to create a user defined field that displays different symbols for when i receive an email with my name in the [To] or [Cc] line. For example this field will display a symbol of "/" when my name is mentioned in the [To] line of the email and will display a symbol of "//" when...
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    Assess content of User Defined Field in Rule

    Dear Outlook Experts, Is it possible to access and asses the content of a User Defined Field when creating/editing an Outlook Rule? I have a third party integration that creates many email items, placing them into a dedicated inbox. The external system populates certain useful data into User...
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    VBA with User Defined fields

    Dear Experts, I'm using text 'user defined fields' to categorize my inbox, I need to setup rules (script based) on these UDFs so that an email from a specific group of people will automatically have the UDF set, for example an email from a certain group A will have UDF set as Project1 and for...