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Customer wants a portion of GAL from exchange to sync down to Android contacts via Activesync

Discussion in 'Slipstick.com: Exchange & Office365 Articles' started by eric hutson, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. eric hutson

    eric hutson

    New Member
    Scratching my head on how to push a dept worth of contacts down to several hundred users local contact folder -- so the contacts get replicated down to the Android device's contacts application via ActiveSync?

    Anyone have any brainstorms? Perhaps a utility or script or something ?

    Many thanks
  2. Diane Poremsky

    Diane Poremsky

    Senior Member
    It might be easier to tell the users how to do it... if they can search on the gal so they only see the dept names or the gal has dept groups by users, they can select all (Hold shift and arrow keys or page down) and right click, add to contacts.

    I have a macro that exports the gal to excel, it could be converted to do contacts, but it needs to run on every persons computer or you need to send them the contacts (or something) so they can add them to their own contacts folder.

    I believe it is possible to import contacts from a pst to mailboxes, using a cmdlet and running it on the exchange server - I'll see if I can find that too. (On the road and stuck on an iPad mini right now.)

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  3. iTecs


    New Member
    You could create a public folder on the Exchange side, dump all your contacts into there and use a third party tool to sync that Public Folder (contacts) to any mobile devices. I can link the 3rd party tool I've used with some of my clients, however I'm not sure if this forums allows it? You can PM me if not and I'll supply the link to the software vendor that makes this possible.

    Using public folders would centralize your contacts database and make it easy to add/modify contacts which everyone will see real-time.

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