Outlook 2016 OST thinks it is PST?


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Had to change the password on the "hawaii.rr.com account. I think I have to change the password on the Outlook file. Is that correct? My outbound mail is arriving to others stripped of its content. Only the headers.
So I thought I would have to reach the settings in the "rr.com" file settings and somehow change the password. I remember it from the good 'ol days, but it seems obsolete.
What the heck can I do in this situation? Why does the pop-up say the file has to use the (.ost) format when it seems to be that in the settings clip below? I'm deeply confused. Can I make the rr.com file the default? Should I?
Thanks for any enlightenment.


Diane Poremsky

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If you changed you email password, you will need ot change it in outlook. If outlook doesn't ask, do it in Send & Receive settings - Ctrl+Alt+S - then click Edit, select the account then Account Properties. Password field on is the first tab.

IMAP accounts use ost files now. Not sure why the error message - you can't change the delivery location for imap accounts.

Are you using 3rd party antivirus software that also scans email? It can corrupt the mail.