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Hi friends I hope all you fine and well

I have a problem that I tried to solve but I could not I hope some one to help
I set up an new account instead old one that had a missed password that I deleted the new one has an extension data fil .ost whenever I tray to make a password for the new account that created a dialogue box appears asks me to compress the data file I do but nothing changed I need to know what should I do to solve such problem

with regards
ost means the account is configured as an imap or exchange account - you can't password protect these data files. Only pst files can be password protected and only pop3 accounts use a pst (plus you can use a stand-alone pst).

By default, outlook's autodiscover will create an imap account if it is supported by your server.
ok thanks mrs. Diane for your responce but now i need to make a password on that account because the pearson that has this a ccount asked me to secure its account can i find a way to convert .ost file to .pst than put a password on the a ccount
or delete .ost and replace it with .pst with re creating again the same account

If you need to password it, you need to delete the account and manually add it back as a POP3 account. Personally, rather than using a password on a pst, i would use one on the computer and lock it when i walked away. If others need to use the computer, they should have their own windows logon.
so. but mrs. Diane the account htat i established is an exchange account what i mean that it is on a private server not on yahoo , gmail or others like them if my thinking is wrong would you please give thr procedures step by step of deletion and conversion i mean that you write them into elements to follow them

thanks with regards
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