Why are my Junk options shown as slashed off


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I find it absolutely over-the-top annoying that dealing with spam emails and supposed blocking attempts that keep failing. And now after many many hours wasted screwing around with various tweaks and settings, I thought I had the problem solved...
I had set my junk folder options to auto archive anything in the junk folder after one day with permanently delete selected... an annoying work-around but it was working fine. When a new junk email arrived in my inbox, I would simply right click it and select Junk /block sender, and vola, it would move to my junk folder as it should. It was a little sporadic on the timing of permanent deleting, but ok.
Now for some annoying /unknown reason, I'm getting a bunch of new crap in my inbox and my junk mail options are circle-slashed out and I've wasted another round of hours trying to figure out why and how to get things to work back the way they were. My questions are...
  1. How can I re-enable my junk options ?
  2. Is there a way of setting Outlook back to a previous version? As I don't want my basic features and settings to change each time there is an update.
btw... I'm on Microsoft® Outlook® 2021 MSO (Version 2309 Build 16.0.16827.20166) 64-bit
thanks, Joe
Sorry, forgot to add image...

Junk Options Disabled.JPG
Thanks for your reply Diane,
Yes, those are the normal icons but I don't ever recall them having a circle-backslash symbol before and I was able to right-click annoying emails and select junk /block before but now I can't.
I was able to click on the junk tab to expand and see there are only 70 or 80 names shown within the blocked list.
What exactly happens when you right-click?

Sorry Diane, I went back into outlook and tried to see if it worked and it did as it should, on a newly rec'd junk message, but I have had it where it did not respond on some messages. I would right-click the spam message and hit the block sender, then nothing would happen and the message just sits there in my inbox. Thanks for your reply.
While I haven't seen the context menu dead - I know Outlook doesn't always "play nice". If updates for either office or windows are waiting, it can be really buggy too. When you see you have updates waiting, you should install it at the earliest convenience.
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