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I have no idea what version of Outlook I am using. I also have no idea what "email account" I'm using. Actually I do, it's mmmjv@live.com but that's not on the list. I just put in EAS (Outlook.com) which is the closest I think because when I want to go to my email I type outlook.com in my browser window.

Now to my question. Why is Outlook so eager to put stuff in the "junk" file? I recently signed up with dripread.com. They send excerpts of a book I'm reading to my inbox. I want them to send these excerpts, that's why I signed up for them. Yet Outlook puts them in the junk folder. Why? What part of I signed up for these emails do they not get. The first time it happened I right clicked and clicked on Mark as not Junk. The next one went to the junk mail folder. On that one I clicked on Not Junk above. The next one went to the junk folder. If I sound pissed off I should. This should not be an issue. How do I tell Outlook that those emails are NOT junk and I want them to go into my IN box. Marking them as not junk does not work.
when I want to go to my email I type outlook.com in my browser window.
you are using outlook on the web, also known as outlook web access, or just plain web access.

Do you knowe if your account was moved to the new server? It will say Outlook Mail above the inbox and the url will be outlook.live.com. If it was moved, make sure the address (or domain) is on the safe send and safe recipients list.
Yeah, It does say Outlook Mail above the inbox and the url is outlook.live.com.

It's going to the inbox now, thank you.
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