Red crossed circle disappeared from Junk Mail folder

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Outlook 365 64 bit
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Hello, the little red crossed circle has disappeared from my Junk Mail folder. My server has just been upgraded to Outlook 2010, and my MS Office has also been upgraded to 2010 (from 2007). I do not use a PST file, only OST.

I tried starting Outlook with the folder reset switch, no luck.

Does anyone have any ideas? It's no big deal but it's just so much easier to empty when it's a Junk Mail folder.

So the empty folder commands don't work if the icon is wrong? Is it correct in OWA?

Did you try deleting the ost file and letting outlook rebuild it? That worked for one person with this problem. I have no idea why it happens but you are far from the first to experience it.
Thanks somuch!

First I ckecked OWA and that did have it. So I closed Outlook on my machine, located the OST (c:/Documents & Settings/<<My Name>>/Local Settings/Application Data/Microsoft/Outlook/Outlook.ost - for those who do not know where it lives. Make sure you can see all hidden files & folders).

Deleted that one, restarted outlook and voila, problem solved.

Many, many thanks!!!
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