Transport Agent or Rules/Connectors

Preston Cole

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Hi all

I have a task that I can easily complete in Exchange 2016/Office365 using rules and connectors, but I can't complete in Exch 2007/10/13 (and I need all three). Do I need a transport agent creating, and if so, how do I go about doing it?

Here's the scenario:

Email comes in from anyone and hits Exchange server
Exchange server sees it's from 'Outside of the organisation' and forwards it through a smart host. This is for a kind of Anti Virus process.
Smart host does what it needs to do and forwards it back to the same Exchange server entry point.
Exchange server looks at it and says, OK it's from this IP address, ignore it and let it pass.

Also need to look at email sent from 'Inside the organisation' and if it has an attachment in it (maybe above 1Kb), then do the same as the above flow.

With O365 I have a rule which says, if from outside, forward to connector XXX, unless from IP address.

Lower versions of Exchange are beating me.

I'm hoping there's an obviously different way I can do this, but I can't have the smart host as an MX record, or within in initial flow chain, if that makes sense!!!

Cheers for any help.


Diane Poremsky

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Dang... just recently removed an Exchange 2010 server i kept account to check settings. :( It's been too long since i used 2007 that i can't remember what it supported, but you would create the a transport rule in 2010. Maybe under Hub > Transport rules?