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Hi! Could anyone please tell me how I stop Outlook 10 from grabbing my facebook picture and sending it along with emails I send?

I do not have Outlook 10, but I have co-workers with it, which provided for a very interesting Monday morning...

It's not Outlook sending - its the socail connector and facebook provider getting. See for more info.

You need to either change your facebook photo or don't make the profile so public. If you have your work email address associated with your facebook account as a second address, remove it if you don't want others to see your picture.
Well that is good to now. I am not very happy about it.

So which privacy setting do I need to change? The "search for me on facebook" setting? Do I have to change it so that everyone can't search for me now (and change it to friends of friends or networks)?

Is there another way to fix this intrusion?

Thanks for the information!
fb2.png<== this needs to be set to friends only or friends of friends.
Dang - hit the wrong button.

facebook_001.png<== Account, Privacy dialog. Directory listing (red square on top) controls if strangers can see your picture. Use this to access the first screenshot.

Use customize to change the settings for feeds and email address, if not already set to friends only. Email address can be customized for no one. Or, if you have your business address associated with facebook, change it to a personal address.
8-9-2010 2-36-41 PM.png

Final screenshot - this is where you add (and remove) other email accounts from your profile. If you use a decent profile picture and have feeds for friends only, it might be ok to have a business email associated with your account, depending on the nature of your business and how many coworkers are facebook friends.
WOW! I'm so impressed here! Thanks for all this.

I am, however, disappointed that I have to change my "search for me on facebook" settings. It sucks that I either have to limit those people who search for me, or change my profile picture. That just doesn't seem right.

Thank you, though, for the outstanding illustration of what to do!!!
View attachment 134<== this needs to be set to friends only or friends of friends.

I disagree with this - leaving it set to Everyone is fine... as long as you use a suitably professional profile picture. I really like being able to put faces to names and see the persons face when i read their email so i hope few people change this setting (public searches is default). Some of the profile pics are weird but so far I haven't seen embarrassing pics - however a few people had public feeds with content thst should not be shared with the public.

Also, what cathy didn't mention was that only Facebook members can see the pictures. Someone without a facebook account, such as my husband, will not get facebook profile pics in his mailbox. He would need to search facebook to find the profile.
WOW! I'm so impressed here! Thanks for all this.

I am, however, disappointed that I have to change my "search for me on facebook" settings. It sucks that I either have to limit those people who search for me, or change my profile picture. That just doesn't seem right.

Thank you, though, for the outstanding illustration of what to do!!!

I'd opt for changing the picture since you'd need to limit the profile search to friends only or no one. If you allow friends of friends to see your profile, someone who shouldn't see it could, if they had the right friends. Plus, they could see your profile picture before the social connector - they just had to work harder to do so (by going to the site and searching for you).
I have never heard, that facebook is doing such a thing - that is really creepy actually. How is it able to do that?! Have you already been able to stop facebook from doing that to your mail account?
To be fair, it's not just facebook doing it - Live messenger contacts & linkedin contacts also work with the social connector. To avoid it, you need to 1) not join these services or 2) set your profile to be more private. Also, just because a person doesn't use outlook doesn't mean the profile picture can't be seen.

If you use these services, don't use your business address in your profile. If you use facebook and do not want people to see your picture if they are not your friend, set your profile so its not searchable. Always set your status/feed to be friends only.
Well, having installed Social Connector a few months ago, I quickly discovered how "convenient" it is to see whether other "parties" are on Facebook (and see what they're sharing). It was especially a "revelation" when I received an email with quite a few recipients in the "To:" field, seeing quite a few photos in the message. ;)

My approach/solution was different. I already have most of my profile available to "Friends only", and I let it be searchable, so in case someone's looking for me, they have a way of finding me and contacting me.

Thus, I simply changed the email address listed in my FB account, so it's different from the one I use for "general correspondence" with people I know (no biggie as it's on my own domain anyway). This way no one can ever see my FB stuff within Outlook. They have to actually go there and be my friends. :) That is, so long as Outlook uses email address(es) listed in FB profiles to collect the information... If they come up with using some other unique ID... then we're back to square one.
Excellant method Commodore, to prevent others from seeing your profile picture, although i kind of like being able to put faces to names. I don't care to see the wall posts though.
Providing people actually have their portraits in their profiles. Most don't (at least not in FB). Lots of them even have something completely different in that picture. :)

I try to be able to put faces to names using my brain, period. :) It's a good exercise and doesn't require electricity or privacy issues.
True... Someone with the windows live provider said i look like a dog (I have my dog's picture as my live messenger photo). <g
I work with a lot of people online and rarely, if ever, meet them in person so its nice to have contact photos and the easiest way to get them is from a social service provider. Linkedin is probably the best for that as most people who use linkedin use a good photo.
That is so crazy - I have never heard of that and thanks for bringing it to my attention!

I work at Infinisource, a benefit plan administration provider.
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