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Suddenly and without any warning whatsoever, several of my Facebook notifications that roar into Outlook 2013, are marked as Spam. I've only contacted Norton three times and I'm getting nowhere fast.
I changed nothing, I did nothing and I know nothing as to why this problem suddenly burst onto the scene.
I've gone through Norton Antispam settings (as did the Tech who shot on board of this computer) and there's zero that they can find that is causing this. Therefore, I come unto thee O great one (Diane) to get your take on this.
One Tech did say something about creating a rule to stop that but ma! I cannot seem to get anywhere with that. Please advise.
(I might add that I put the Facebook address into the Safe Senders / Safe Recipients and this has accomplished zero)
Can you set up a trusted/safe list for the addresses? The Outlook junk filter's safe list won't apply if its Norton that is doing it and I'm guessing the filter runs before rules, so a rule probably won't help.

My guess is they updated their filter because people were reporting the messages as spam.
I've tried the Outlook Junk Filter's Safe List and it doesn't work. The name comes in with the individuals name with this address from Facebook hot on the trail of the name, "notifications+oo_sjs4y@facebookmail.com"
If I try to put the individual's name in front of the address, Norton puts it in but then it only shows the email address from Facebook without the individual's name. And the results, it doesn't stop giving me the message as Norton Antispam.
It's something that is new, so seemingly, Norton has done something but their Techs are stumped as giving a fix. Presently, I've got the Antispam just shut off since there is one email that comes in here regularly that is garbage and Norton is not marking it as spam.
If you have further advice, I'm listening. Thanks!
I'm being told by an individual on the Norton forums to go to File and click on Info and go to Properties. But when I click on Info, that does nothing. Is not the Info simply to show what is underneath, e.g. Open & Export / Save As etc. ?
What did he want you to check on file, properties? Open a messages and then go to file....

If you add Facebookmail.com to the safe list does it help?

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and what to do after I get some links to the safe list and they are still under spam
If Norton is filtering spam, adding the address to Outlook's safe list won't help unless Norton uses outlook's safe list. There should be a setting in Norton to whitelist the address.
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