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How can we trigger a batch file from within Microsoft Outlook ? We receive email notifications of when the database backups are completed between 2AM and 4AM at a shared drive. These emails are sent to our team's email group. As soon as I receive this email (my email id is part of the team's email group), I want outlook to start running a batch file to start the copy process. I won't be logged on to Outlook at this hour of the night, therefore, i need some automated way of outlook to trigger the execution of the batch file.

In which version of Outlook is it possible? I have Outlook 2007, but if required, I can ask my company to give me a different version (Outlook 2010 or 2013?)..

Also, is there a different way (other than using Outlook) to achieve this task?



Diane Poremsky

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while you can trigger a batch file using a rule or other trigger, you can't do it from outlook unless outlook is open. Triggering it from the server requires an event sink and permission to run software on the server.

How are you backing the db up? Can you add the copy routine to the backup routine?

I use this in a batch to backup SQL db then cleanup old db.

REM Run TSQL Script to backup databases

sqlcmd -S server_name -E -i "C:\SQLBackUp\scripts\backupDB.sql"

REM Run database backup cleanup script

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