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I have successfully established forwarding rules on a generic Mailbox (call it#1). The rules run without my having to logon to the account.

I am now trying to manage Sent Items on another generic mailbox (#2). I tried following the instructions to setup 'After Sent' rules but they are coming up as 'client only'. #2's account will not be something I want to logon to on a daily bases to have the rules run.

I have total rights to these mailboxes and the generic user accounts.

What am I missing that causes these After Sent rules to come up as 'client-only'?
OK so I have since learned in very general terms, the After Sent rules are 'client only' just because they are in the Sent Items folder which is client side verse Inbox which is server side. Oh well.
Thanks for the reply. I can send out messages from the other mailbox #2. I read the link you provided. Using OL2010. I created the reg key and enabled Cached Exchange mode on my PC. All the mailboxes #1 and #2 are currently syncing up. Suspect that will take till tomorrow. While logged on as #2 I established a After Sent rule and tested it manually successfully. So the rule is active now. Hope to see it in action once I log out as #2 and all is synced up. Hope that's all I needed. Thanks again.
Need more help please. Just wondering if I am doing this correctly after following the preceding instructions.

1. I created the After Sent rules logged on as #2 (using Remote Desktop). The rules all comes up with 'client-only' after the rule's name. Should it be this way?

2. The rules process OK when run manually.

3. I close Outlook 2010 for #2 and watch for messages that meet the rule critera in the Sent Items folder from my personal OL mailbox but the rules don't fire.

4. I even tested by sending a message from #2 within my OL mailbox that met the rule criteria in the subject line. No luck.
5. I then logged back on as #2 and open OL. But the rules didn't fire. Suspect it is because the client-only rule doesn't queue to fire after the fact.

6. I then sent an email logged on as #2 and the rule fired.

7. The #2 mailbox is being used by a ticket system that has automated services and rights to it send from it. I then created a ticket and closed it. The ticket system then sends out a closed ticket message from #2 which meets the rule criteria. The #2 OL mailbox was opened during this. The rule did not fire.

So what am I missing? Is it the 'client-only' thing?

Thank you very much for your time. It is appreciated. Rules.jpg
The client only run means that the run only run when the profile is opened in outlook (as a logged on account, not shared mailbox).

Based on the information above, the client rules won't work for you.

what version of Exchange are you using? The admin may be able to set up a transport rule to copy the messages to the other mailbox.
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