Sent emails end up in duplicate in Sent items folder

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Heathside boy

I have 3 accounts in Microsoft Outlook. I'm pretty sure this only happens with my default account because that is only where I have seen it at the moment.

I believe this happens when I reply to another e-mail from somebody else (as opposed to starting a new one and then sending that). I also believe that this doesn't happen all the time, only sometimes which makes it all the more strange.

When I have replied to an e-mail and then checked in my sent items folder in the same account, it is showing that message in duplicate (as sent twice). I have looked up many answers to this problem (and there are many) but I am asking what would be the most likely cause of this?

I have a Windows live mail account with the same address in Outlook i.e. I don't know if this gives you any extra added help for the question but it may.

it does not necessarily do this where I have attachments to the e-mails and it also does not do it with every single one.

Any ideas will be most appreciated


Does the recipient get 2 copies? Are you using After sending rules? What type of account is configured?

Security essentials doesn't scan email as you send it, so we can't blame the antivirus - a rule could be copying it or, if using a server-based account, syncing the sent item to the server could be creating a copy.

Exactly the same problem, and it's recent. Outlook 2010, Win 7, 64 bit OS. Some emails duplicate in the Sent folder, others do not. Happens more frequently now, and the mail (usually) doesn't duplicate until Outlook is closed and reopened. Symantec AV, but I have (sequentially) turned off all email scanning and tried that, and uninstalled Norton to try without - same issue (have not yet tried uninstalling and reinstalling Outlook - reasonably should work, since this did not occur a couple of weeks back). Nothing substantial has changed in my systems, and it occurs on two laptops and two desktops, again recently, with same OS but slightly different configurations and very different hardware, from 3 different manufacturers. Computers are wirelessly networked, WHS for backup. MAPI accounts w/Hotmail. My strong suspicion is some recent Office update but I'm baffled. Whatever the issue, it also seems to be duplicating historical sent emails that were not dupes before; not all, but an increasing number. Recipients do not receive duplicates (yet), and no multiple duplicates - just one. Scanned everything, and, as far as I know, no viruses or worms.
Hi Diane and Doc.

Diane, I will answer your questions one by one.

No, the recipient does not get 2 copies but 2 copies show up in my sent items folder as explained in my previous post.

When you ask am I using " After sending rules" , what do you mean by this? I have no idea what this is. Where should I navigate to check and find the answer to this question?

The account is a MAPI (send from this account by default) Windows Live Mail (I believe is the same as Hotmail).

You say that a rule could be copying it or, if using a server-based account, syncing the sent items to the server could be creating a copy. If this is the case, can you tell me how I go about changing the rule that could be copying it? The same again with your second suggestion, if using a server-based account and syncing sent items to the server could be creating a copy, what actions would I need to do to stop this happening?

The way Doc has described the problem is probably more accurate than the way I have described it. As you also say, it cannot be a scanning problem so it must be something to do with the rules or the server is creating a copy. I have not the faintest idea on what to change in the 'rules' category within Outlook. So perhaps you can let me know what I should do there and/or with the server problem also?

Thanking you sincerely

Diane & Heathside boy,

I fixed it, and I am embarrased to say I have no idea how. I tested it and it worked, but I got called away and can't get back to the place I started (which is buried in a nest of Outlook menu options somewhere), but I changed a setting in Outlook. Maybe Diane can help - I recall it was an option to have sent emails arrive in the default folder (which wasn't specified), or to a specific folder, and I selected " Sent Items." That seemed to do the trick, but I can find no such option now in the maze of menu items. It seems to have fixed it on all my systems, so it is a global setting of some sort. I'll keep looking....
Did you ever try reproducing the issue in Safe mode? That would have been the next troubleshooting step. Did this occur only with hotmail accounts or other account types as well?Russ Valentine
Found it, or at least part of it - the setting is on the menu bar composing a " New Email" under " Options/Save Sent Item To." It alows you to select a specific folder (which I set to Sent Items); somewhere in Outlook you can set this as a global setting, presumably to set the default folder, but I haven't located that rascal yet. This seems to have solved the dupe problem - no more duplicates when I restart Outlook. I have no idea why this should work. To answer Russ, I didn't try it in Safe mode because this worked first; it just seemed like it had to be a setting in Outlook. Why this changed from the previous couple of weeks I have no clue, because I hadn't changed any Outlook settings prior to this happening.

I followed your instructions but the specific folder to choose in my case was *already* set to " sent items" so that is definitely not the cure because I am still getting duplicate e-mails in the sent items folder of my default account.


No, I have not tried reproducing this issue in safe mode. How would I go about doing that? And, what what would that achieve or prove? How would that cure the overriding problem of duplicate e-mails?

Regarding the accounts. I have a Windows live account and Doc has a Hotmail account and I believe they are both " MAPI" accounts. The other 2 accounts that I have are both POP3 accounts and I do not seem to get this problem with them. So it well may have something to do with the MAPI accounts that cause this problem.

Diane, still maybe think that you may be onto something regarding the " rules and alerts" menu or the " server-based" problem regarding this issue. Would still like answers to the questions, the ones I asked you in an earlier post when replying to the ones you posed on this subject.

That goes for anybody else who may know the answer to this puzzle. Still left scratching my head and getting duplicate e-mails. Surely somebody must have encountered this problem before and found a fix?


If this is only happening with hotmail accounts and no others, I would suspect a problem with the Outlook Connector. Ensure you are running the latest version.

Running in safe mode would tell us whether an add-in is causing the problem. Just start Outlook from the Run command using the /safe swtich.

Russ Valentine
Hi Russ,

I clicked on the Outlook Connector button > About Outlook Hotmail Connector - which told me it was version 2010. So there is no problem there and it is up to date.

> Just start Outlook from the Run command using the /safe switch.

Sorry for being a bit thick. Could you break this down in layman terms please? Where would I find the " Run command" and when would I find the " safe switch" ? And... After implementing this, would it tell us and become completely apparent what add-in is causing the problem if any?

If I do happen to come across an add-in, will it become completely apparent how to disable it?

On a different note, do you not think it may be something to do with the rules and alerts in Outlook?

I appreciate all your responses

Rules are always suspect when you end up with unwanted duplicates of messages. It is easy to check if you have a rule that could be doing this. I doubt you'll find one.

Instructions on using safe mode are here:

Russ Valentine
Hi there.

I have set up my free email on my mobile / tablet (7" Samsung Tab2)...using the automatic setup process.

When I send an email the recipient only gets the one email. However, my Sent folder shows numerous duplicates of that one email e.g. 6 duplicates in my Sent folder in 5 minutes

Incoming Settings:

Outgoing Settings:

Has anyone got any ideas how I might resolve it?!?
Can you use Exchange Active Sync instead? That should correctly sync once.
Thanks Diane - I found and used the following solution

Now i just have to work out why the contacts and email groups aren't coming down to another device...might have to try setting that one up manually as well!

'Manual Setup' for 'Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync'.

The settings needed are as follows...

Domain\user name: \[Your outlook email address]

Password: [Your outlook password]

Exchange Server:

Use Secure connection (SSL) [Tick yes]

Use client certificate: [Leave blank]
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