Can't recieve emails sent to self

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For the past couple of days, I haven't been able to receive e-mails send to myself. I pressed the "Send/Receive" button and the e-mails come up in my "Sent" folder, but the ones I should be receiving are always processing and never go through. We mainly communicate in my office by sending e-mails to ourselves and each other so everyone has the information.

I checked my rules already and none are filtering the e-mails elsewhere. I even tried creating a rule directing e-mails sent to my address to go in the Inbox, but that rule was ignored by Outlook. Does anyone know how to fix this?


Cathy Rhone

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Does it work if you use Safe mode? To start Outlook in Safe mode, close Outlook and hold Ctrl while you click the Outlook icon to reopen in Safe mode. You'll get a warning that you are using safe mode, so you know if it worked.

Do you have web access to your account? If so, log into the web interface and verify the message is on the server. It's possible that the email provider has antispam configured to block mail sent to your address and from your address.


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Do any messages send ok? If you don't include yourself, do messages send ok?
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