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I really hope someone can help me with this issue. I've had an (previously Hotmail) account for many years. Quite recently i started to notice i that couldn't see emails that people had sent to me in my inbox. On doing a search i could find the email but i would still be unable to see it in the Inbox.

I connected my to my Office version of outlook and have the same problem. However now when i search the mails i can see they're in a folder called IPM_Subtree.
After doing some searching i can see that people often complain that they've lost mail and they've somehow dragged them into here but i can't find an answer as to why some, not all, mail is getting delivered here.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated
Are you using rules to move mail?
Are they visible in the Outlook Today folder if you disable outlook today? (right click on the folder, choose properties, then deselect 'show folder home page' on the folder home page tab)
Hi Diane,

Thanks for taking the time to respond.

I have rules to move some mail. For example mail from my wife goes into a folder but this seems to be a random thing that some mail being delivered to Inbox and some not.

They're not visible in Outlook today no.
UPDATE - I just checked out mu rules again...........

I had the most stupid rule setup. It was so broad i can't believe i actually got any mail in my mailbox. Added to that it was moving it to the folder described earlier.

Thanks for giving me a kick in the right direction Diane.
They're not visible in Outlook today no.
Not visible on the outlook today page, but in the folder -

right click on the folder that opens outlook today, choose properties. On the Home page tab, deselect show home page. This will show you the contents of the folder so you can drag them to other folders. Repeat the steps to turn Outlook Today back on.

I dragged a message into that top level folder and this is what i see when Outlook Today is turned off.

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