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I have four systems with Outlook 2016. Each Outlook installation has more than 5 active email accounts--mostly the same. Where possible, I have the accounts setup as IMAP. None of the email accounts on the four systems display a "Sent Items" folder; they do have other versions such as "Sent," Sent Messages," etc. I assume these other versions of sent came from different phones I have synced in the past (iOS and Android).

When I send email from an account on one system, I cannot find the email in the "Sent" folder. When I search for that email using a key word on the system that sent the email, it is found and is shown as located in the "Sent Items" folder--yet there is no "Sent Items" folder displayed in the folder view (all expanded). When I go to the other systems and perform the same search, same result (email is found and shown to be in the "Sent Items" folder but no such folder is displayed. Therefore, it appears to be syncing across systems.

I have logged into the email account with a web browser and there is no "Sent Items" folder displayed using the browser to access the account.

I hope I have explained this clearly. In summary, I have a "Sent Items" folder, but it is hidden and not accessible, except for search queries. I seem to recall in previous versions being able to specify a folder for sent email, but I cannot find that option. Ultimately, I would like to ensure all systems and devices are saving to the same sent folder.
Additional Information:

OK, upon further review I do see a "Sent Items" folder in my account. Now it gets even more interesting. The email I sent last night from account shows up in my "Sent Items" folder. The email clearly shows it came from account.

1. How does that happen?

2. How can I get all my accounts to use the same folder for sent email?

Thank you.
Hmmm. In Outlook 2013, the sent items should go into the folder designated by the imap server, unless its not identifying it in a manner outlook understands, then outlook uses one called 'sent items' in the imap data file. Log into the account's web access and see what the folder is called.

'Sent Messages' may be from an iPhone (I'm not sure what folder name android uses) - you can choose a different folder on the phone so everything is in one sent folder (same for trash/deleted items). I choose the same folder outlook uses.

If you use gmail, outlook should be set to not save sent items on that account, otherwise you will get duplicates. if other imap servers also always save copies they send, outlook should be set to not save sent items for that account.

I don't know why the sent messages are going into, unless you have the accounts linked to (as connected accounts). Are all account's sent items going into this folder?

2. How can I get all my accounts to use the same folder for sent email?
IMAP accounts should use their own sent folder. If you want all sent items (from all accounts) in one folder, you'd need to use a macro to copy the messages to the folder.
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