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Hi there!

i have outlook 2010(32bit) on pc running windows 7. just got a new windows phone 8. previously had windows mobile 6.5 and sycned with usb. everything worked fine.

now i have finally given in to this cloud. i created a windows live account( and installed hotmail connector so that i can sync my calendar and contacts only. ( i don't want my email synced). so after reading many forums (this one being quite helpful) and many tries, i am able to sync my desktop to LIVE to my phone and vice versa.

Problem is, since outlook had to create a new calendar and contact list (for LIVE), my contacts groups are all messed up. no matter what i change on desktop contacts, when it syncs to LIVE and/or phone, the contact groups on my desktop are changed. for example. in my contacts, i have a person's name under "display as" Jane ( her kid) Doe. but when i sync, it changes the "display as" to Jane Doe ( and it duplicates the entries in my contact group (one entry will have a little card icon with picture and the other a little blank roldex looking card).

i've been trying to figure this out all month and have googled myslef silly trying to find out why this keeps happening. i just want everyhting to work like it did before LIVE/connector sync.

any thoughts?


File as: Hotmail requires the file as format to be name (address) - you can't change it unfortunately. I was told they use it for identity purposes, but I have yet to figure out why.

Groups: it's better with the Outlook Connector - it's worse in Outlook 2013. Hotmail uses Categories for Groups and Outlook uses Contact groups and separate categories. Groups that sync down should have the category/group name applied. Groups that sync up do not convert to categories.

I'm not sure why its breaking the link in the contact group and duplicating the entry, unless Hotmail is changing the entry id and Outlook is confused. I'll see if i can replicate it.
Thanks diane.

i guess i just have to deal with it. I sure do miss the functions of windows 6.5 and the ease of syncing with the usb and having everything stay the way i typed it.

were you abel to duplicate the issue with contacts coming backed synced doubled?

So far no. I'll keep trying though.
OK. do you think if i went i used office 365 or just exchange online would it change my the way i format the names in my contacts when it syncs? so do i understand correctly that by using 365 or exchange online then i wouldnt have the need to have the hotmail connector? or the LIVE account

If you switch to Exchange online - either via Office365 or another host - you won't need to change your name formats, everything will be available on every computer you use (notes, tasks, journal - any folder in the mailbox) - and it will sync wirelessly to the phone - no extra adding needed. It really is the best choice, but many people balk because its not free.

If you choose a provider other than office365, make sure ActiveSync is included free. Some hosts charge extra for ActiveSync - that is outrageous as it's included with Exchange server at no extra charge.
I had been searching myslef silly for a solution and it seems like this would be the best option. i am balking about the fee but the piece of mind of having my contacts and groups stay the way i type them and not having the duplicates would put me at ease.

now, when i created the live accounct to sync via hotmail, that means i now have 2 calendars and 2 contact groups on my outlook desktop. one the default (POP#) and the other the LIVE account ( which is what is syncing to phone).

so, by going to exchange 365, would i be able to do away with the LIVE acount altogether and just use the default, or will the exchange 365 create a separate exchange account to sync with ( thus having two calendars and 2 contact groups again)?
currently i only have my calendar and contacts to sync with LIVE ( not my email) as my email is a separate POP3. ( i've had it for 10 years and don't want to change). I also have a ton of subfolders for emails and thousands of saved emails in those folders on desktop and really don't want all that to sync to my phone! ( could you imagine). so that's whay i only have contacts and calendar to sync to lIVE to sync to phone.

If you switch to a hosted Exchange account (office 365 or other provider), you can get rid of the live account.

For the email you have two options: as you are doing now and use two data files or set up the POP account in Office 365 as a connected account - it will pull in the POP3 mail and replies and new mail should send out correctly. If you own a domain name you can set it up in Office 365 so mail for that domain is delivered there directly.
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