Outlook rules and alternatives

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Jeff Owens

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Outlook version
Outlook 2016 32 bit
Email Account
Office 365 Exchange
Using office 365, generally work on a local pc rather than web interface
I would get in excess of 100 emails a day
Like every other email users a lot of junk mail is filtered out but some still gets through along with a lot of newsletters that I may want to keep but been to keep separate from the most important mail.
I have tried right clicking individual emails to set up rules - which seems the most logical method, however rapidly hit limits on number of rules
I have written long scripts to try to sweep a lot of senders or contents into a small number of rules (eg emails with relayed or delivered or expanded or read etc all go to a read replies folder, emails with invoice go to an invoice folder, emails with web opportunity or web services and a host of other titles go into a junk mail folder)
But it is all pretty clumsy and often not effective.
At this stage I have given up trying to automate and twice a day I manually file by sender into only 6 folders - clients, faxes, invoices, newsletters etc.
But it does waste time that could be spent on productive activity and the inbox still fills up quickly
I remain keen to hear any alternatives
I saw the April 2013 post "Because managing a large number of rules in the Rules and Alerts dialog is painful, I prefer using of search folders, instant search, or custom views over hundreds of rules, but anyone who needs more rules can beg or bribe their Exchange administrator to increase the space allowed for their rules."
Will that work with office 365? does it allow for more rules (and I mean a lot more rules - certainly a lot more than the 100 limit)
Are there any Microsoft or third party applications that could allow automatic categorisation?
I don't mind paying for a good solution!
Look forward to any comments
Wow - what a quick and excellent reply
Looks like automate is exactly what I need
I will purchase forthwith and give it a whirl
Kind regards
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