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Ok, I have about 1000 contacts. I have duplicates of each, b/c the first had incorrect phone numbers, so I exported to csv and put the right ones in, I then imported back into outlook, but kept the duplicates. Why did I do this? The first set of "wrong number contacts" each had tasks assigned to each contact. Now, I am trying to find a way to merge the 2nd into the first so the correct phone number is there AND the tasks remain assigned. thank you
Contacts scrubber will do this easily - - the free version is limited to 100 though.

You could try moving the imported contacts to a new folder then move them back a few at a time and let outlook merge the contacts. In theory it works - but test it to be sure it keeps the correct contact.
Thank you,

I tried this, but here is my main issue. If I have 1 contact that says Mary Smith with incorrect phone.(This contact has a task assigned to it, which I definitely want to keep this way) the duplicate contact has Mary Smith and the correct phone num., but does not have the task assigned to it. So I want to move the correct phone into the 1st contact so I can keep the task assignment. I may be misinterpreting the teamscope software, but I didn't see an area where I can just move the correct phone into the 1st contact.

Here is a solution that may work, but since I have trouble undoing things in outlook, I will run it by you 1st. What if i export all contacts(including duplicates) to .csv. I Just delete all contacts within outlook. Then I fix it in excel(I know which of the 2 contacts has the assigned task), then import it back into outlook. The only worry I have is will the task assignment stay with its contact thru import/export?

Thank you.
exporting will break the task links. (well, importing will)

the last time i used scubber (3 or so yrs ago) it did exectly what you want. I don't know if it has changed - will check it out.
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