Time Off Request - not posting to public folder once approved

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I have created a "Time Off - DIS_v1a" form which is a new message requesting the date and time off needed. When the supervisor receives this message and if approved it should do the following;
  1. Create appointment for user to save to calendar & sends the user message with attachment. (Works fine)
  2. Move Appointment to "Public Folders/All Public Folders/Calendar - DIS" with their information. (Not Working)
  3. User should receive email that Reply to Time off - that says in Subject "Approve: Time off - request" and in the body of the message it should say "Your time off has been approved. Drag the attached Appointment to your Calendar. Or, open it, then use File | Copy to Folder." (Works fine)
Any idea why it isn't posting to the public folder? I can post the code being used in the form just wasn't sure if I should.


Exchange 2007

"Time Off - DIS_v1a" Form is in the Organization Forms Library.

Outlook 2007 - 2010 32/64 bit clients. (Outlook 2010 Options, trust center > e-mail security > Allow script in Public Folders was checked)
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