CPA cuts off left edge of printed Calendar. Ex. January the J is cut off.

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My calendar looks great after I bring it into CPA and before I try to print it. However, when I preview the copy on screen (before printing), the left hand side is cut off; for example, in January the J does not print. In the printed copy the left edge of Calendar is cut off as shown in the preview. It appears to be a problem with the margins. I know how to change the margins in outlook, but can't seems to figure out how in CPA.

I have uninstalled and re-installed CPA, verified that I have a 32 bit version installed. I've installed the Service Pack 3 update. I've tried different templates, but they all cut off the left edge when printed. Any ideas?:confused:
I don't ave it installed on this computer to get the correct command names for you, but look at the bottom of the first menu for preferences. If its not there, check the margin in the printer settings.
I checked and there is no Preferences under File Menu or any other tab as I can see. Under File Menu there is Page Setup. However, Page Setup only give me option for page sizes; that is, letter, legal. Nothing about margins. I tried changing the Printer Settings again, but still have the problem.

I'm thinking it is a setting in the program since I can see the page cut off on the left of the page when I do Print Preview.
Which calendar template and paper size are you using? Portrait or landscape? While I can't exactly repro your problem, i know smaller paper sizes may cut off parts of the calendar.

Also, if you customized the fonts, that can affect it... and if you are using 125% in Display settings, it can affect how things look on the screen. In that case, you'd need to print out a page to verify it.
Paper: legal size, 8 1/2 by 14. Landscape. Default font. Template: Month with 2-day Column.

I have tried smaller fonts without making any difference in the printed calendar on the left side. Changing templates doesn't seem to make a difference. I tried other templates for a single day, 8 1/2 x 11, and always the left side of the printout is cut off. It's not a big amount, but just enough to make the left side of the calendar not readable. The printer prints exactly what is on the screen when I chose Print Preview before Printing-- cutting off the left side of the calendar.
I can't repro it on this computer, but i can only print blank calendars because I use Outlook 2010 64-bit. It's possible appointments affect the layout (even though they shouldn't). I'll have to check it on a test machine.

What printer do you use? It looks like that is where you would need to adjust the margins.
My printer is Hp OfficeJet Pro 5400. I just downloaded the latest driver. No help. I also downloaded a Diagnostic Program from HP to check my printer. It gave a good report and printed a proper page.
I'll see if i can find a cartridge for my officejet and try to repro it - i quit using it but i think i have a new cartridge in the supply room. I don't think its the driver but how it (or cpa) handles paper margins.
This also was my conclusion. I thought last night about the Kodak Printer attached to the computer in the kitchen (not wireless, but portable) that I could attach and try printing to determine which one. It's the Printer! The Calendar printed perfectly! I still have a problem, but it's not the CPA. Thanks for every ones help.
Glad you were able to figure that out - the HP cartridge I found was not the correct one for the printer.

ETA: I'm not sure whether you can adjust the margins in the print setup in either the printer or CPA. Cathy's assertion aside, I could only see where to go into printer set up and my Oki doesn't let me change the margins. I don't think tweaking them in IE will apply to CPA (it used to help in Outlook, way back when Outlook used IE for rendering HTML)

You could probably edit the margins in the template, if it really bothers you. See Modifiy the CPAO templates if interested.
A follow up to my printing problem. I verified again that it might be the printer by hooking up an old Laser Jet printer which printed perfectly with no cut off words.

Then I returned to the HP problem printer to make sure there wasn't anything impeding the paper; followed the manual's instruction to Align the Print Heads, Calibrate the line feed, and Clean the print heads. The last thing I did was change the printer setting after I selected Print in CPA: Print>Printer Preferences>Advanced Tab>Printer Features>Minimize Margins- changed from Off to ON . I received a message that this might cause a printing problem; however, this time the CPA Calendar Printed properly without any letters cut off on the left. I tried this earlier without any luck, but this time it worked. I did not make these adjustments with the other printers which I tried. Hope this helps someone else.
Thanks for updating. I'm sure it will help someone in the future!
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