Two Inboxes after upgrade, how to merge?

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First post, hoping it's in the right section. We recently upgraded our email from a POP3 to Exchange. At the same time we upgraded to Outlook 2013. After the upgrade all of our computers now have two Inboxes. One is from our old Personal Folders .pst file and contains all emails & contacts prior to the upgrade. The 2nd is our new Exchange Inbox and is receiving all new emails after the upgrade.

I'm wondering how I merge the two? Do I have to manually move all the folders and emails from the old .pst down to the new Exchange Inbox and then close the old .pst within Outlook? Same thing for contacts, they all show in the Personal Folders but not under our Exchange email account. Do I need to move these and close the old here as well?

Thanks in advance for any help.
Thanks. If I were to close the old Personal Folder and then import it, would it come back as a separate Personal Folder again or would the info import under my new Exchange Inbox and Contact list?
After working with this some more this morning the process hasnt been as simple as I'd hoped. My two Inboxes are directly related to our new Exchange email. One is a Mailbox for my email, the other is the Personal Folder.

After searching and reading I've come to learn that the Mailbox brings in all my emails on the Exchange server and also keeps them there for backup. The Personal Folder is saved directly on my computer but after using this by itself for so long with our POP3 account it has all my individual sub folders.

My new dilemma is whether to move emails that come in to the Mailbox from the server in the Personal Folder, or to leave them in the Mailbox on the Exchange server and recreate all my rules and move my subfolders. The Personal Folder can't be closed so I would just need to move it to the bottom of the list and try and forget its there.
I would use the mailbox folders unless they have you on a quota - this allows you to access the mail from anywhere, using smartphones or OWA. You can import the pst (or use a filtered import if you don't want to upload all mail) and it will create the folders as needed.

If you lost your rules, try a new profile with the pst set as default then export the rules - go back to the exchange profile and import the rules. (You try using the current profile and set the pst as default, but exchange can sometimes be goofy if you try to set a pst as default.)
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