How Do I Merge Several PST Files?

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I have several PST files. How do I import all of them into Outlook 2007 in

such a way that:

1. They combine.

2. Duplicate emails are deleted?

You can connect to the extra pst-files via File-> Open-> Outlook Data

File... and then move its contents to the folder of choice.

Another way to go would be to use the import process but I would recommend

creating a backup of both original pst-files before attempting that.

Duplicates cannot be checked for (reliably) by either process as Outlook

doesn't hold that functionality. You can use a deduplication tool after you

have merged the pst-files when you don't want to sort it out manually. Some

of them are lister here;

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Thanks for your reply (and for your reply to my other post).


You may take help from this Microsoft's KB article
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