change day template as cpao does not see .catx files

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Outlook 2013 32 bit
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I am a newbie and not too tech savvy.
Please solve my dilemma. I am using office 2013 32bit
1. I would like to remove the work times column and change it to a column that has letter in as per my picture.


2. I have tried to load .catx into cpaov2 but it only sees .calx files. Unless I am doing something really stupid.
3. I have unzipped the daily template as per instructions but see no way to change day format eg dddd to ddd.
Your help will be much appreciated
sorry, seems the images will not show.
Lets try again


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Heh, i started to answer last night and never clicked Post.... now i need to edit it. :)

1. As long as the letters are static, it should be doable.
2. Did you follow the steps at How to modify templates in the Calendar Printing Assistant for Outlook ? Calx are saved calendar files, while the catx are the templates - you want to edit the templates.
3. Search for Format="dddd" and remove one d from it.
Hi Diane, I'm not the only one getting oldo_O
The letters are static, exactly as per the images. Please bear in mind that I am a novice and not a good programmer, I can hack to a certain extent.
I tried to follow, but for the life of me I cannot get outlook 2013 to see the flippin CPAO, have tried your suggestions and micr****** quick fixes but to no avail. The Calx Catx thing I did not realize and now it makes more sense.
I found the "dddd" in the Catx but stumped myself looking for it in the Calx :mad: Dumb hey!
Will have another look at your article and give it another bash.
Thank you so much for the assistance, your help IS greatly appreciated.
Hi Dianne,
I realise you are a busy lady so I wont bug you.
I patiently await your answer to the above and---
My CPAO will not open .catx files saying "the document does not have valid relationships and parts"
On open it also only give me a .calx and all files option
Am I REALLY that stupid or is there something I am not doing
Not open for further replies.
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