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Hi all,

Found this forum on a search for a problem I've had for some time. Love the Calendar Printing Assistant...but there is one quirk I cannot figure out. I use the Work Week template and have many days where I have more than four 'All Day' version of the CPAO seems to have a hard lock on four, All Day events, after which it prints a second page. For the life of me, that seems fairly silly, but what do I know! I just know it seems to me that in 2013 there should just be a simple 'Fit to One Page' print option like every other program on earth has, to eliminate this problem.

Is there some type of workaround, or setting, or anything else that I'm missing that might fix this?

Many thanks for anyone's help!
See Modify Calendar Printing Assistant Templates - Slipstick Systems - you can change the # of all day events, at least in some templates.

adjusting the SpanningAllDayArea MaxSize. You need to use multiples (+5) of the AllDayAppointment height, which is 16 by default. You can squeeze more in by reducing the AllDayAppointment size and the margins (the numbers go clockwise starting at the top: top, right, bottom, left).

A little more info is at the page above.
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