So Disappointed in Calendar Printing Assistant!!

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So I spent the entire day today figuring out how to edit the templates in Calendar Printing Assistant, just to get my calendar to print more or less the way it did back when I had Outlook 2003, which I just upgraded. Once I got it working, I discovered that many of my outlook events just plain don't sync to OCPA-- most, but not all events end up in OCPA, and there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling everything: office, outlook calendar printing assistant, and the sync tool that I'm using to keep my google calendar in outlook. No matter what templates I use, some events just don't show up. So I finally deleted OCPA, telling myself that I would just have to make the regular outlook print views work, because that's all I can actually rely on. And now I discover that, in this new, upgraded version of Office, I can't apply conditional formatting to calendar events that are categorized. What!?! The only reason I use Outlook is because it offers the best and simplest way for me to print my Google calendars. But that is much less true in this new version.

Please forgive my rant. But I really truly feel like hurling my computer out the window. I suppose I'm posting here just in case others, like myself, are trying to get these features to work. I have discovered, after 14 hours of hard work, that they don't, at least for me.

My setup is that I sync from google to outlook, and then from outlook to OCPA. It appears that flow of information is unreliable. Google to Outlook is great, it breaks after that.


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Yeah, conditional formatting won't work with appointments that have color categories assigned. Color from categories overrides conditional formatting. Unfortunately, there isn't any way around it, short of not using categories. :(


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I found a workaround for that one: just sync my google data into two calendars, one with categories, and one without. I use color categories for some calendar view and conditional formatting for others. But: really??? It's so cludgy. And, most importantly, the tool that microsoft provides for printing just plain doesn't work-- I don't mean "doesn't allow me to customize", I mean fails to properly synchronize events, which makes it utterly useless to me. Sigh. Thanks for listening. ;)
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