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Hello there. This is my first post so I trust it is in the correct section.

Recently I had a new hard disk installed on my computer. I hadn't used MS Outlook for some time because it didn't work on the old disk. In the interim, I had been using Thunderbird.

With the new disk and Windows XP home edition installed, I reinstalled Outlook 2000 and it seemed to be working OK for a few days.

However, I noticed I was getting an increasing number of "not responding" and "error report" messages.

Today it won't print. I have tested the printer (using MS Word 2000) and it works fine. I use FinePrint software and it works fine.

I wonder if Outlook 2000 is simply too old and/or too much trouble? Should I return to Thunderbird (that seemed to work OK for me)?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Paul in Australia

Diane Poremsky

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Outlook 2000 is old but it should run fine on windows xp. However, because its old, its less secure- and that would be the main reason not to use it.

Do you need the features Outlook offers? Does Thunderbird meet your needs? The answers to those questons should quide your choice of email client.

Do you have all updates installed for Office 2000? It should say Office 2000 SP3 in Help, About.
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