Header not printing in Outlook 2010

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Everytime I print an email the message header is not printed.

I have read several solutions (Uninstall IE7, change top and bottom margins to zero, etc.) but all of them apply to older version of Outlook.

This issue happens intermittently

Anyone knows a solution for this problem?


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I'm not aware of any issues for outlook 2007 and the solution for the known issue won't work.

You say it happens intermittently - can you identify any similarity with the mail that doesn't print as expected?


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Sorry to post again in this thread but this issue is driving me nuts.

I have not found so far any pattern as why the headers are not printed in outlook 2010.

Some emails do print them and some don't.

Anyone knows what may be happening?

Do I need to chech/uncheck some options?

Thanks and help is greatly greatly appreciated,

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