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Good Day~

I want my Outlook reply/reply all messages to list any attachments as:

From: jdoe@internet.com

Sent: Friday, 06 November, 2015 12:29

To: doej@internet.com

Cc: jjdoe@internet.com

Subject: 2016 Leader Nomination Solicitation

Attachments: CMCLC Participant Guidance (Feb 15).docx; NLP Program Information.docx; NLP;
Selection Criteria.docx; NLP_2016-1_Application.docx; SF182 (NLP-2016-1) 1.pdf

Outlook use to do this in 1997 and 2000.

Thanks so much in advance~mjc
Thank you Ms. Poremsky~
I have tried this it is not reacting????
Any error messages? Did you put it in ThisOutlookSession? Set macro security to low? Restart Outlook?
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